Bleach Drawing: Flower of Life Sweater

Having done my first flower of Life sweater with the embroidery technique Sashiko, Thought I would try my hand at bleach drawing with the flower of life design on denim. Rather than buying bleach pens I tried a diy one by using an old dried out pen taking out the inner part and soaking this in bleach, There you go! you have a “bleach pen”. I did still want to have a little embroidery on the design so I just highlighted one of the flowers. I Will definitely try bleach drawing again soon!Monique b1

Sweater modeled by my beautiful daughter Monique can be purchased from my up and coming Etsy store TheBrightLite.



Up-Cycled Dress


This is my most recent clothing up-cycle project and it is a craft that I really enjoy, The feeling  from creating a new item from something old and adding your own twist is really satisfying. The bottom of the dress was made from spare black denim that I had floating around the house  and the top was taken from a vintage Monsoon dress that I found in the fabulous vintage shop Baklash in Nottingham. The original dress was long with long sleeves with the odd moth hole so I felt like I breathed new life into this dress.

Print Resist

After making a flower of life design using the Japanese stitching technique Sashiko I was wondering about other ways to incorporate and learn ancient craft techniques and transfer them into new modern designs.After having a good search on Pinterest I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of techniques that I knew nothing about that are out there.

But one in particular that caught my eye was a Resist-dyed technique using indigo dye called Ndop from Cameroon which is similar to Shibori) . The fabric is stitched into before dying with indigo dye to reveal a pattern. In Mali “Mud Cloth” which is also known as bògòlanfinior a paste of mud or cassava which is used to draw on the fabric which is then left to dry in the sun and then submerged in to a dye.

Well my take on the  bògòlanfinior for now was to try a flour paste

I was just giving this a go so I did not have any fabric dye so opted for bleach which I am surprised had quite an interesting result..It worked well as the material used was denim and I bleached out most of the colour.

I will have a bit more of a play with the flour paste resist but will probably try different material, a fabric dye and a more of an intricate design, So watch this space…20160425_162414.jpg Flour Paste Resist.