Bleach Drawing: Flower of Life Sweater

Having done my first flower of Life sweater with the embroidery technique Sashiko, Thought I would try my hand at bleach drawing with the flower of life design on denim. Rather than buying bleach pens I tried a diy one by using an old dried out pen taking out the inner part and soaking this in bleach, There you go! you have a “bleach pen”. I did still want to have a little embroidery on the design so I just highlighted one of the flowers. I Will definitely try bleach drawing again soon!Monique b1

Sweater modeled by my beautiful daughter Monique can be purchased from my up and coming Etsy store TheBrightLite.




There are so many different methods of needlecraft and whilst trying to pick up some new skills I came across the Japanese sewing technique Sashiko which translates to”little stabs”

Here’s my first attempt…wp-1459623389509.jpeg

I decided on The Flower of Life design which I then added to a sweater for my boyfriend.

He may not look like it but I think he was a little impressed!