House Number

After making my own House Number I was asked to make my first commission piece this was a little daunting initially, I really felt the pressure of wanting to do my best and please the customer. So I set about buying the glass with a brief of a simplistic design of natural glass Roman Numerals on slate.


The chosen glass that I purchased online was alot darker in colour than I had hoped for so I literally had to select the lighter areas of the glass.

2015-11-30 18.05.08

I find working on mesh a good way to work and it allows for mistakes rather than working directly onto the slate.

Amanda XIX


A Happy customer! Goes quite well with the style of house I think?




20151013_1453172015-10-20 15.13.28

When I made this house number I decided to apply the design to the plastic mesh so that I could then decide where to position the design on to the slate. It was my first time making a number and I quite like the overall look.With a simplistic leaf design.