I love the depth and layers that can be achieved with tissue paper.




Bleach Drawing: Flower of Life Sweater

Having done my first flower of Life sweater with the embroidery technique Sashiko, Thought I would try my hand at bleach drawing with the flower of life design on denim. Rather than buying bleach pens I tried a diy one by using an old dried out pen taking out the inner part and soaking this in bleach, There you go! you have a “bleach pen”. I did still want to have a little embroidery on the design so I just highlighted one of the flowers. I Will definitely try bleach drawing again soon!Monique b1

Sweater modeled by my beautiful daughter Monique can be purchased from my up and coming Etsy store TheBrightLite.


Up-Cycled Dress


This is my most recent clothing up-cycle project and it is a craft that I really enjoy, The feeling  from creating a new item from something old and adding your own twist is really satisfying. The bottom of the dress was made from spare black denim that I had floating around the house  and the top was taken from a vintage Monsoon dress that I found in the fabulous vintage shop Baklash in Nottingham. The original dress was long with long sleeves with the odd moth hole so I felt like I breathed new life into this dress.

Print Resist

After making a flower of life design using the Japanese stitching technique Sashiko I was wondering about other ways to incorporate and learn ancient craft techniques and transfer them into new modern designs.After having a good search on Pinterest I was pleasantly surprised about the amount of techniques that I knew nothing about that are out there.

But one in particular that caught my eye was a Resist-dyed technique using indigo dye called Ndop from Cameroon which is similar to Shibori) . The fabric is stitched into before dying with indigo dye to reveal a pattern. In Mali “Mud Cloth” which is also known as bògòlanfinior a paste of mud or cassava which is used to draw on the fabric which is then left to dry in the sun and then submerged in to a dye.

Well my take on the  bògòlanfinior for now was to try a flour paste

I was just giving this a go so I did not have any fabric dye so opted for bleach which I am surprised had quite an interesting result..It worked well as the material used was denim and I bleached out most of the colour.

I will have a bit more of a play with the flour paste resist but will probably try different material, a fabric dye and a more of an intricate design, So watch this space…20160425_162414.jpg Flour Paste Resist.









There are so many different methods of needlecraft and whilst trying to pick up some new skills I came across the Japanese sewing technique Sashiko which translates to”little stabs”

Here’s my first attempt…wp-1459623389509.jpeg

I decided on The Flower of Life design which I then added to a sweater for my boyfriend.

He may not look like it but I think he was a little impressed!


Mosaic Birds

2015-11-03 14.54.16

I very rarely consider doing anything animal based so this Mosaic is a first for me. I went to a local stained glass business and brought some amazing colours to experiment with.

I find working on mesh rather than directly onto the chosen surface  gives me the option of where it will be placed. 2015-11-10 15.01.50

This is the finished bird design, I have taken inspiration from Mexican folk art..Now I need the slate!




Life Drawing

I do a multitude of different crafts and I thought it was time to revisit my true love.. Art! especially life drawing.  I love the quickness in which you have to work due to having a model and the tones cast from natural light, Everyone’s interpretation is unique.

These were produced a while back but having looked on these pictures with fresh eyes I am excited at the thought of producing some new work so watch this space.


Charcoal and Pastel

water colour nude

Water Colour

brown umber cycle

Brown Umber Water Colour

bicycle final

Conte Crayon and Pastel

long curly hair

Conte Crayon

charcoal sitting


charcoal jeans pic


House Number

After making my own House Number I was asked to make my first commission piece this was a little daunting initially, I really felt the pressure of wanting to do my best and please the customer. So I set about buying the glass with a brief of a simplistic design of natural glass Roman Numerals on slate.


The chosen glass that I purchased online was alot darker in colour than I had hoped for so I literally had to select the lighter areas of the glass.

2015-11-30 18.05.08

I find working on mesh a good way to work and it allows for mistakes rather than working directly onto the slate.

Amanda XIX


A Happy customer! Goes quite well with the style of house I think?